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Lise Lemay 

Young Living Essential Oils       Distributor #1201324

I order oils on a monthly basis for myself and for the therapy that I offer. At times, I also add clients products to my order. Another beneficial way to receive your oils is to order them DIRECTLY from Young Living Essential Oils; either at retail or at a discounted rate when you sign up and pay your administration fee. To get more information on how you can become a member or to order retail go to:  http://www.youngliving.com/en US/abundance/become-member.html
under my member # 1201324

Learn more about the oils through this site: http://www.oil-testimonials.com/1201324 

You may also wish to contact my beloved friend, and colleague,
Judee Plourde, who lives on Vancouver Island.  Check out her website: Thyme4Healing.com to discover more about her healing services.

What's the deal with oil quality?

  Tell you what; not all the oils are created equal in their quality. Many of the oils on the market are "perfume" quality because they are overprocessed, chemically laden, de-natured and highly altered.

  We all know that for a PURE and unadulterated oil, it takes as many as 500 to 2,000 pounds or more of raw plant material to produce just 1 lb  pure essential oil - thus affecting the price. You are aware of the saying: "you get what you pay for" and this is true when it comes to YLEO's; they are Grade A oils , grown from seed, distilled, and bottled by Young Living's company.

  Many of the essential oils constituents provide us with top quality, straight-from-the Source life-force energy that is strong and potent enough to help us heal from numerous afflictions, dis-orders and negative patterns that have built-up in our energy system throughout the years. Release toxic energy. Feed your cells. Discover what it truly means to be healthier, stronger and have energy to face your day with a smile on your face.

  Awaken to the high, vibrational energy of these therapeutic oils. One drop goes a very long way and will reach your cellular system within seconds. There are many ways to use essential oils and they are ALL beneficial. Topical application, inhalation, diffusion,  bathing, drinking infusions & cooking with  approved food-grade oils, are some ways to bring a delightful and  instantaneous shift to your mood. The oils will positively affect your system and effectively bring renewal to your weakened cellular conditions.

Pure, Therapeutic-Grade, Highly Concentrated, Non-Adulterated, volatile, aromatic plant oils.
That's what puts the "Punch"  in the "P"ower of the "P"otency found in Young Living Essential Oils.  Due to their concentration they are of higher potency than the herbs or plants from which they are derived from.
Clove essential oil is very high in  the ORAC (oxygen radical absorption value) scale. It's power is over 10 million on the *ORAC Scale", that was developped by scientists at Tufts University, US Dept of Agriculture. The higher the score, the more capable it is to combat free radicals.